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Save Our Soaps focuses on the industry of soap operas. Our goal is to provide current, insightful analysis and thought on the state of the soap opera industry. As champions of the genre, Save Our Soaps has one mission: To explain, explore, and be there for the next generation of soap operas.

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Andrew Pemberton-Fowler

Soap Opera Guru/Writer & Producer

Andrew created his first soap opera, Life’s Just Begun, while sitting in a middle school cafeteria. Thus began his love of the soap opera industry. For the next few years, Andrew kept creating and writing new soap operas which culminated in shooting his first soap opera, Affairs of the Heart, as a college thesis project. Years later, he would turn Affairs of the Heart into a radio soap opera. Andrew’s other soap opera experience includes working as a production intern on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. He has worked as an independent writer and producer for over fourteen years.

With a love and passion of the soap opera industry, he hopes to extol his love of the industry to a wider audience, instead of dinner guests & friends.


“A good soap opera is about people; their hopes, fears, loves, desires, secrets, and lives. That’s all.”